TODAY I FOUGHT A TIGER is a verbatim piece that Lightbox is devising for 2021 about the things we struggle with, past or present, which make us who we are.

From the everyday stuff to that which is hidden or unseen, this is a show about life's victories and ongoing challenges, the big and small moments, the things that get us through and the hopes and dreams of what might be.


Based on real stories, TIFAT will be performed by some of the people who've lived them.



tifat call out


We're looking for short accounts about anything that you think relates to the show's themes or title. (Anything from a few words/lines up to 5 mins).

It can be about you or someone else. It might focus on a particular situation, issue, or activity. There might be a longstanding thing that's holding someone back or getting in the way of what might be. It could be anything - a fear of the dark, obsession with appearances, an illness, a tricky relationship, a secret habit, lack of opportunity. Or maybe there's a victory to celebrate.

If you're wanting to give a more detailed account, you might want to reflect on:

  • a particular day or moment that stands out - (past or present)
  • some details of the physical space or place
  • who is there and what activity is happening
  • a moment when there is a change - perhaps something unexpected, strange, predictable, insignificant or funny occurred
  • how things look now or in future. What if anything was possible?
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