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The Air Around Us

By George Cresswell

21st - 27th June 2015
Theatre 503 - Omnibus Clapham

The Air Around Us

People seemed to know where they were going. I was the one still lost. But I’m learning, all the time I’m learning.

The Air Around Us is a tale of overcoming adversity and of the universal need to belong.

Inspired by one man’s life, this wry, moving show paints a vivid picture of Battersea and sheds light on a generation of Londoners whose stories are in danger of becoming lost amid regeneration.

Using verbatim material from our Battersea Stories outreach, the show is part of Lightbox Theatre’s commitment to discovering untold stories that resonate with our times.

Cast & Creative

Performer: Liam Smith
Director: Emma Faulkner
Designer: Sam Dowson
Sound designer: Edward Lewis

Show Footage:

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Through Creswell’s memories we see the bigger picture: the consequences of gentrification, the increasing individualism in society and how our lives are shaped by the places we live in. It’s a beautiful and charming piece of theatre, and I certainly wouldn’t object to Lightbox running a similar project in my area.

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