Lightbox Theatre

Lightbox Theatre discovers and brings to life stories that are untold or overlooked.


From the revival of lost dramatic works and voices to the discovery of new ones we want to produce stories that:

– shed light on people, writers or situations that are overlooked
– illuminate and uplift
– might not yet be scripted
– are authentic and resonate with our world today

Through our productions, community engagement and participation opportunities we are committed to advancing the public’s education in and exposure to the arts. We aim to reach new audiences and in particular offer opportunities for creative engagement for those from disadvantaged backgrounds so as to alleviate the effects of poverty, isolation, illness and exclusion.


We believe that stories can be found in the everyday and that theatre:

– should be inclusive and accessible to everyone
– needs to reach out to new audiences
– has a transformational power that can build connection and community, and reduce isolation and disadvantage


We want to expand people’s horizons and benefit the public by:

– bringing people of all ages and backgrounds together in a shared and rich experience
– reaching out to people who have no experience of theatre who may be isolated or suffer exclusion or disadvantage
– creating opportunities for participation for young people, vulnerable adults and the elderly
– endeavoring to create a better understanding of ourselves and others